“Children are the ones who will build the community […] They are the core of civilization.”

― Abu Omar, Za’atari imam

Death, bloodshed, and persecution has ravaged the land of Syria, destroying hopes of peace and prosperity in the near future due to a conflict that has raged on for almost five years and counting. The Syrian refugee crisis has displaced millions of people, chiefly among them children. In a world where we teach our children they can be anything they want to be, this bright future does not shine so brightly for the children affected by this turmoil. For those children, reality is much dimmer: resettlement into a refugee camp, with few families being able to choose a more privileged place to live. In these camps, which are not receiving full funding or support, the development and lives of these children are not being given the full attention that they deserve.

Don't take our word for it.

Read stories directly from residents of the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan.

“I love education, and I’m aware of the importance of it. People must tell others about good things that they know and not keep them for themselves.”

― Za'atari student

“When we came to Za’atari, we forgot all about school because of the situation.”

“We’re used to the internet.”

― Za'atari parent― Za'atari resident

Let's offer them a better life.

With cooperation from corporate donors, crowdfunding, and nonprofit organizations, we can offer computing and internet access.

A laptop for learning

Build out school computer labs.

It would cost approximately $200 per computer, plus $10 per month for internet and electricity.

A portal to the outside world

Establish an internet cafe.

Having easier access to the internet would allow residents to keep up with their families outside of the camp.

A richer education

Expand computer science education.

Bright, creative minds can be exposed to technology early, and older tinkerers can have a chance to learn something new.

A chance to earn a living

Allow people to work online.

Rather than await a resolution to the conflict in monotony, residents can earn spending money and improve their lives.

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